Complaints and Compliments

Complaints and Compliments

Complaints Management Policy - Ipswich Knights Football Club

First Point of Contact:

The Team Manager will serve as the initial point of contact for all complaints within Ipswich Knights Football Club. They will be responsible for receiving and addressing complaints promptly, effectively, and fairly. The Team Manager will make every effort to resolve the complaint at the first point of contact. If necessary, they may consult with the Coach and Technical Director to gather additional information and insights.

Resolving Complaints:

The Team Manager, in consultation with the Coach and Technical Director if required, will work towards resolving complaints as efficiently as possible. They will carefully consider the complaint and take appropriate action based on the nature of the issue. This may involve conducting investigations, gathering evidence, and engaging with relevant parties to reach a fair and satisfactory resolution.

Escalation to the Wellbeing Officer:

If the complaint remains unresolved after the initial contact with the Team Manager, or if the complaint is of a more serious nature, the matter should be escalated to the Wellbeing Officer. The Wellbeing Officer will assess the complaint and determine if further escalation is necessary. They will consider factors such as the severity of the complaint, potential risks involved, and the need for additional expertise or intervention.

Involvement of FQAL Operations Manager:

If the Wellbeing Officer deems it appropriate, they may escalate the complaint to the Ipswich Knights FQAL Operations Manager. The Operations Manager will review the complaint, assess the situation, and take necessary actions to resolve the issue. They may conduct their own investigations, seek additional information, and engage with relevant stakeholders to address the complaint effectively.

Serious Complaints and Integrity Body Involvement:

In cases where the complaint involves serious allegations or breaches of integrity, the Wellbeing Officer will report the matter to Football Queensland's integrity body. The integrity body will conduct an independent assessment and resolution process, following the relevant protocols and guidelines. They will thoroughly investigate the complaint, consider all evidence and testimonies, and take appropriate actions to address the issue in accordance with Football Queensland's regulations.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

Throughout the complaints management process, Ipswich Knights Football Club will handle all complaints with utmost confidentiality and respect for privacy. Information related to the complaint will only be shared on a need-to-know basis and strictly for the purpose of addressing the complaint effectively. Parties involved in the complaint will be informed about the confidentiality requirements and expected to maintain confidentiality throughout the process.


Documentation and Reporting:

Ipswich Knights Football Club will maintain accurate records of all complaints received, actions taken, and resolutions achieved. This documentation will be securely stored and accessible only to authorised personnel. Regular reporting on the complaints management process will be provided to the relevant stakeholders, such as the club management, Football Queensland, and the integrity body, as required.

Continuous Improvement:

Ipswich Knights Football Club is committed to continuously improving its complaints management processes. Feedback from complainants, involved parties, and other stakeholders will be actively sought and considered to identify areas for improvement. The club will review and update its policies and procedures periodically to ensure they remain effective, transparent, and aligned with best practices.


Note: This policy is subject to review and revision based on legal, regulatory, or organisational changes, as well as evolving needs and circumstances.

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